An Early Chesil Plaice

So with the first signs of spring and reports from further along the coast in Sussex of the first plaice beginning to show its only natural to start to get itchy feet in the pursuit of these desirable spotty flatfish. As with any fishing at Chesil it can be incredibly hit and miss and when fishing for Plaice visibility in the water is a key factor to determine.

There are a number of places along Chesil beach to target Plaice and other flatfish species but it is widely regarded that West Bexington and Abbotsbury are among the top marks to chose from. Unfortunately I have been unable to get out myself this week but I am pleased to say that we have had this fantastic contribution from a local south coast angler Dave, he writes

If I said that the last few weeks hadn’t been hard work, I would be lying.
To put it in polite terms, February can f**k off!!!!!!

I arrived at Chesil this morning just before low and swiftly launched some smelly black lug, mounted on an up and over wishbone rig, as far as I possibly could. My reels loaded with some new ultra low diameter braid, saw my baits flying through the air like never before.

A steady stream of dogs, rockling and whiting kept me entertained until low when they stopped feeding and left my bait long enough for a Plaice to stand a chance of finding it. A few moments later I noticed a couple of good bites on one of my rods. I held the rod and immediately felt something tapping away. To my surprise a nice plump sole made its way up the bank. My first in daylight, happy days!


The next few casts saw a double shot of dogs before a quiet period.
Eventually I noticed a few taps on one of my rods. “Another whiting” I thought to myself…
I lifted in to something but it certainly wasn’t a whiting.
A few nervous moments passed and I eventually caught a glimpse of the fish, a plaice, and a big one. I waited for a wave before carefully pulling the fish to safety. What an absolute door mat. I was suprised to see one so plump at this time of the year. It sent the scales to 3lb 12oz, a new PB for me


 A fantastic days fishing I am sure you will agree and Dave was not the only one hitting Chesil in the last few days with plenty of reports from other anglers of decent mixed bags of fish. One of the early visitors much to my surprise has been the Smoothhound and I have had reliable reports of these fish starting to show already along some of the South Coast beaches.

Of course this time of year the ray fishing can really take off locally as well as Turbot from certain beaches. Look out for reports to follow shortly regarding these and hopefully not to far behind them the start of the bass fishing as the waters continue to warm.

Tight Lines

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