Its around this time of year that the words Chesil and Cod seem to go hand in hand with something close to hysteria breaking out amongst fishermen when going after these most iconic of fish. Here are wheretoseafish we are no different and are constantly checking weather, wind and tide reports well in advance looking for those breaks in the weather that give the best opportunity for catching. It often seems to be the way that the ideal fishing conditions fall perfectly on the days you are snowed under at work luckily we have a number of contributors to our site. In the last couple of weeks my friend Dave Barratt made the journey down to the mighty shingle in search of those often elusive fish with some cracking results.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that fishing in the evening and night are essential as the fish move closer to shore with the lower light levels. For the most part this is good advice but when there is colour in the water at Chesil you will find that even in the daytime the cod have no issues moving to within 20-50 yards of the beach, as you can see with Dave’s fish these were all taken during the day.


With the large numbers of sprats, squid and mackerel as well as the return of the large whiting and pouting numbers the months of August and September are often seen as the best for targeting this brilliant fish. Bait and rigs seem to be less important in these months too with fish falling to black lug, blow lug, squid, ragworm, peeler crab or fish baits with most anglers choosing to fish fairly conventional Pennell style rigs adapted to fish at range.

As you can see from the photos there are some lovely fish coming off the shingle and now is certainly the best time to pack up the car and get down there. Both ends of the beach seem to be working well at the moment so there is plenty of room on the beach for the usual hoards that show up.

If you are new to fishing the beach always remember to be safe fishing here and try to always fish with another angler. The wind and waves can be very unpredictable and dangerous at times. If you are new to the area then please see some of the most common marks to fish at the following link

Chesil Beach