Lincolnshire is the county with one of the longest coastlines in the UK. With large coastal towns such as Skegness and Grimsby fishing has long been at the heart of the county. Local beaches are famed for their smoothhound fishing in the summer months with good bags of cod common during the cooler months. Despite being a county I have done a limited amount of fishing it has long been held in high regard by those who fish it regularly. 


As with every county I have handpicked the areas that offer the biggest variety of fishing options, whilst being close to large towns for access and convenience,these include;

A small quaint town south of Skegness on the edge of “The Wash National Nature Reserve”. Large tidal beaches are the main feature along this stretch of the coastline. A great summer locations for large numbers of smoothhounds and bass with the chance of codling in the winter months.  




or Great Grimsby as it is also known is an important fishing town on the south bank of the Humber Estuary. It has long been famous as a fishing port and the local beaches close to the town offer tremendous sport throughout the year. We have handpicked a number of locations close to the town.




Skegness: Probably the best known coastal town in the county Skegness has long been associated with fishing. Famous for its large Butlins holiday camp it is a popular tourist destination each year. For the shore angler there are a number of fantastic fishing beaches close to the town that produce fish all year round.




Sutton on Sea: Again a small town in the county which I have used more as a point of reference rather than a direct fishing spot. The town does have a number of beaches close by which are renowned Smoothhound fishing marks. The area produces good bags of fish throughout the year and provides good access to this stretch of coastline.