Evening Hill Poole


After the arrival and continued exertions of Storm Doris buffeting the British coastline for what seems to have been an eternity I was please to see a break in the weather on Saturday morning and having read a few reports of Flounder still being caught at Poole I was keen to try for a late season fish. The most important lesson of this story is always always always check the tide table carefully from more than just one source. The tides on Saturday were fairly small by Poole standards and what had been predicted as low tide at 7am actually turned out to be more like 8.30… I was glad I had set that early alarm for this!

Undeterred and with very little water in front of me the lines were in the water and the traps were set. I was fishing simple 2 and 3 hook flapper style rigs on two rods fished as far as I could throw them due to the puddle of water that was sat in front of me baited with ragworm from the always excellent Christchurch Angling Center.

The sun was shining (which made a nice change), the wind was down and all in all it looked like a perfect morning to be out fishing. As is often the case however perfect conditions often do not result in perfect fishing results. I was determined to fish at least the first 3 hours of the tide which I did constantly changing my bait and varying where I was casting to.


At the mid way point of the tide I finally had my first interest of the morning and was relived to save a blank with the capture of a very thin small flounder. With other commitments in the day and the wind getting up, plus the increase in dog walkers and runners, I decided to call it a day around 11am.

This had not been the morning I had hoped for but as I have always said it is much better to be out and fishing than sitting at home watching the television or lying in bed. One of the moments I never grow tired of at Poole is the coming and going of the ferries and this was a perfect morning to watch the big old girl leaving for France yet again.

I wasn’t the only person fishing Poole, or indeed Evening Hill itself over the last week Toby White from Southampton came down to Poole to try his luck for Flounders.


He reports “So home after a productive trip from down from Southampton after Poole flounders. The good news is that they are still there. Fished just to the right of the pier at evening hill. Another new venue for me. Finally managed to crack to 2lb mark with a flounder just shy of 45cm which was a pb. Finished with 3 in total and a guy about 200m further down had one to. All the fish went back after the session and swam off strongly.”

Three cracking fish photographed below.

Well done to Toby and always good to hear of fish still coming from our local marks around Dorset.

With the milder weather set to continue as we move through March we should start to see other spottier flatfish appearing on our beaches soon and I hope to be out catching these shortly and reporting on it. We should also start to see some of our early summer species returning to our beaches which always gives us a boost to the slow sport we have been contending with for the last couple of months.

Keep an eye on this page for a new report soon.

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