The bass has recently developed a near cult like popularity within the UK. The bass has long been a favourite in restaurants and is considered by many to be the king of the seas. The species can be found the length and breadth of the British mainly thanks to climate change, as at one point it was unheard of of a bass being caught Scotland. The great appeal of the bass is its hard fighting predatory instincts and ability to adapt to any location, indeed bass have been caught as far as 10 miles up rivers. The current trend for bass fishing is in using artificials and this in my opinion is the ultimate way to catch these fish. A bass over 10lb really is a fish to savour and behold. Britain has become obsessed with catching and cooking bass and it is very easy to see the great appeal.

Specimen weight: A fish over 10lb (4.5kg) is most anglers dream fish and worth treasuring.          

British Record: 19lb is the shore record and 19lb 9oz the boat record both caught in Kent.

Habitat: Small bass love estuaries, harbours and surf beaches. Larger fish tend to be more solitary and can be caught close to the shore near structure such as piers, groynes, reefs and rocks.

Top Methods: Artificials can be deadly for bass, also try live baiting or standard ledger fishing tactics from beaches

Best Bait: Lures, live sandeels, live pouting, live smelt, mackerel and squid. Worms will work on surf beaches as these will be the fish’s natural quarry. Peeler crabs can also be deadly particularly in estuaries and harbours.