Lure Fishing in January

Lure fishing off the local beaches around Bournemouth in the middle of winter may not be the first thing that springs in to peoples minds at this time of year however you just never know what might show up. My brother and myself decided to use some free time outside of work to try out some new lures/rods and line we had accumulated over the Christmas period, not particularly expectant of anything showing up but I never need an excuse to get out fishing.

Firstly as you can see from the above picture we could not have picked a less fishy looking day if we had tried. Flat calm seas were accompanied by gin clear water and a cloudless sky…great! All the same the rods were quickly set up and lures rigged up.

With such low expectations it was obvious that any kind of fish would be a real bonus on this kind of day. We fished the very popular long groyne at Hengistbury Head initially before moving around towards the mouth of the harbour past the beach huts and fishing a couple more of the small rock groynes in between. Amazingly it wasn’t to long before my brother was in to the first fish of the day a small hard fishing school bass at around a pound in weight this was followed up by both of us with a couple more fish of a very similar stamp.

Sometimes in fishing it isn’t just about catching those large specimen fish but being out with good company enjoying a beautiful part of the world with the off bend in the rod just to cap things off. Needless to say this was not a day for record breakers but more for enjoying the small things (quite literally in the case of the stamp of bass we caught). We ended the time after a couple of hours chucking a mixture of surface lures, soft plastics and diving lures along that headland of beach with about 5 bass between us to show for our efforts.

The moral of the story… always get out and give it a crack whether you think you will catch or not. Enjoy the company you are with and the amazing places fishing can take you and remember its not always about size and quantity.