Sea Fishing Locations in the North East of England

Poole homes the world’s second largest natural harbour. This allows for some fantastic fishing locations. The bass, mullet and flounder fishing is some of the best anywhere. The area also allows a tremendous variety of fishing. Studland is a beautiful stretch of beach, owned by the National Trust, with the iconic Old Harrys Rocks to the West and the mouth of Poole Harbour to the East. All in all this is an excellent place to come fishing, and is where I have caught several of my personal best fish.


Yorkshire: The Purbeck area of Dorset is famous for specimen size fish. Whether it be large congers, bass or winter Cod the beaches of the Purbeck coast, with their spectacular scenery offer a tremendous amount to the shore angler. With the majority of the coastline being high cliff tops fishing on to ruff rocky ground fishing can be a challenge. This however is one of my favourite places to fish, and it is of particular interest for my shore lure fishing with marks such as Kimmeridge and Durlston often producing.



 Weymouth and Portland are fantastic fishing areas. The area has fantastic beaches awesome harbours and incredible rock fishing locations all of which produce great fish. Portland itself holds the British record for Wrasse and Chesil boasts several other shore caught records. With the Olympics having been in the town the profile of this area is only going to increase so give the area a go soon for some excellent sport.

Tyne & Wear:
Chesil Beach is probably one of the most iconic names amongst fisherman anywhere around the British Isles. This long stretch of shingle beach starting at Epe in the West and running to Portland in the East attracts thousands of anglers every year. This is a beach where local knowledge on tides and specific spots is key as the beach can be extremely hit and miss. I have tried to highlight the most prevalent and fished areas that year on year produce good bags of fish.