River Blackwater

Where to fish in and around the River Blackwater


Bradwell Power Station

Bradwell Power Station is a less known fishing mark in the County of Essex. This area was once popular with bass anglers who fished close to the power station outflow with some great results. Since the plant has been decommissioned the area has become less popular with anglers although on its day this can still be a fantastic spot to fish. The main sport is made up of bass and flatties and these can be caught most of the year round. Do watch out for fast moving water in this location and expect a lot of weed during certain tides.

Summer Species: Flounder, bass, smoothhound, rays, mullet and eels

Winter Species: Whiting, flounder and codling

Bait: Lugworm, ragworm, peeler crab, bread and lures

Tactics: During the summer months most people who fish the area will target the bass. This is best done suing lures in my opinion, although do be aware of the state of tide and depth of water you are fishing in. Surface lures work well at combating the weed and depth issues and during low light conditions can be an excellent option for some of the larger bass here. The other option in the summer is to fish with bottom baits such as worm and peeler crab in the hope for flounder and schoolie bass. In the winter fish with large baits and fish in the deeper channels for the chance of cod and good sized whiting.

Getting there: The power station is well signposted and parking is available close by, followed by a short walk to the required location.

Local Tackle Shops: Dean’s Tackle, 43 Palister Rd, Clacton, Tel: 01255 425992 or Metcalf’s, 15 Newgate St, Walton on the Naze, Tel: 01255 675680.