Sea Fishing Locations in Kent

Kent is one of England’s most scenic and beautiful counties and also offers some brilliant fishing locations for all anglers of all abilities. Whether it be the jaw dropping cliffs, beautiful sandy beaches or hidden harbours Kent has the fishing for you.

As with every county I have handpicked the areas that offer the biggest variety of fishing options, whilst being close to large towns for access and convenience,these include;

Is a former fishing town on the Kent coast. The area is famed for its links golf courses such as Sandwich. The town has miles of shingle beaches and is a brilliant shore fishing base. We have handpicked a number of fantastic local beaches and spots close to the town of deal that offer year round sport to the shore angler.




Is Kents most famous seaside town. Famed for its access to mainland Europe Dover is a very busy town for its size. Positioned where the north sea meets the English Channel Dover has a long history of producing fantastic fishing and has a healthy fishing fleet operating from the harbour. The area produces fantastic bass fishing in the summer months and again brilliant cod fishing in the winter.   




Dungeness: Similar to Chesil beach further to the West Dungeness is a world famous shingle fishing beach. The beach throws up specimen fish year on year with Cod the main target in the winter and rays and bass in the summer months. This is one of those places that every shore angler has to visit at some point in their lives. We have given some of the beaches more famous “features” as s starting point for the visiting angler to fish from. Like anywhere though always speak to the local tackle shops and anglers if you are visiting the area.  




Folkestone: Is another medium sized English coastal town. Like most seaside towns in the UK it was incredibly popular with the Victorians. The town is now famous for its harbour and large beaches. The area is well situated close to a number of shore fishing locations. As with most of the Kent beaches there is good all year round sport for a number of species.




Margate:  Is famed for its sandy beaches (a novelty for the county) and amusement arcades. The town also has a a modern art gallery and large stone pier. Like most of Kent the sea fishing in and around the town can be very good. There are also a number of local charter boats that go from the town that will put you on fish all year round. 




  Is the largest town on the Isle of Sheppey in north Kent. It was built as a naval fort to protect the River Medway in the 16th century. As with most of the coastal towns in Kent there is an abundance of good fishing marks close to its doorstep. We have handpicked a number of locations that give all year round good sport.