Thames Mouth Area

Where to fish in and around Thames mouth area


Grays Promenade

Grays promenade sits in the heart of the Thames estuary and enjoys some fantastic fishing most of the year round. Impressions can be deceiving at this location as to the untrained eye the area can look like the last place you would want to fish. Despite this during the summer months the fishing for flounders, bass and sole can be very good, with lots of local matches being fished from the venue and good weights of fish coming out. In the winter there is the chance of codling although whiting, dabs and flounders can also keep you busy.

Summer Species: Eels, flounders, sole and Bass

Winter Species: Flounders, dab, eels and rare codling

Bait: Ragworms, maddies, lugworm and peeler crabs

Tactics: This venue is not renowned for large fish so this is worth bearing in mind when fishing at the venue for the first time. The most effective way to fish the area both in the summer and winter months is with multi hooked rigs with small size 1, 2 0r 4 hooks baited with either worm or peeler crab baits. You do not need to fish at huge range here although do make sure you pack your beach casting gear when heading here. Fishing for the Codling can be done using a Pennell style rig baited with lugworm or peeler crab for the best results fished out in to the main flow of the estuary. 2 ours either side of high tide is generally thought to be the best time.

Getting there: From the M25 take junction 30 for Thurrock, Lakeside and Grays. Follow signs for Grays town centre, where the promenade and beach are signposted soon after.

Local Tackle Shops: Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Romford, RM15 5QZ tel: 01708 856455 or Predator Baits, RM14 1TX, tel: 01708 371780