A page on where to sea fish in and around Newquay, Cornwall.


Holywell Bay

This beautiful bay close to the town of Newquay is an excellent sea fishing location for the shore fisherman. Although Holywell is an extremely popular area during the summer months for surfers and for beach goer, it is also a great fishing location. Due to its popularity amongst tourist the location is only really fishable during the evening, night or early morning. This is a typical Cornish surf beach with the usual species of Bass, flounder, mullet and mackerel during the summer, and whiting and pouting during the winter months.

Summer Species: Bass, flounders, mackerel, garfish, dogfish, sole, mullet, plaice, dabs, pollack, wrasse and pouting

Winter Species: Whiting, codling, dabs and flounders

Bait: Peeler crab, ragworm, lugworm, mackerel and sandeel

Tactics: You have two options, either to fish the clean ground in the middle of the bay, or to fish the snaggy ground close to the rocks at either side of the bay. For the clean ground use smallish 1 or 1/0 hooks baited with peeler crab or lugworm cast in to the surf on the flooding tide. Close to the rocks is your best bet for a larger bass or pollack with lures and large fish baits fished close in in low light conditions being the best option. During the winter months the area can be quite hard work and the main quarry will be flounders off the surf beach using worm baits on small fine wire hooks.

Getting there:  Holywell Bay (Cornish: Porth Heylyn) is about three miles (5 km) west-southwest of Newquay with a large car park and easy access.

Local Tackle Shops: Atlantic Angling Centre, 9B Cliff Rd, Town Centre, Newquay Tel: 01637 850777