A page on where to sea fish in Padstow and the surrounding areas

Dennis Cove

This is a fantastic shore fishing location close to the town of Padstow. Although primarily a summer fishing location the area can also be fished during the winter months. The river Camel has a strong head of bass and flounder with a good head of fish caught each year. This tidal estuary can be explored at low tide for an abundance of bait such as peeler crabs. This is a popular spot during the summer months for cyclists and walkers so pic your time wisely to avoid the crowds of people.

Summer Species: Bass, mullet, flounder, bream and eels

Winter Species: Flounders and eels         

Bait: Ragworm, peeler crab, lugworm, bread or lures

Tactics: For the bass fishing in the summer you have two options. Firstly you can choose to fish the area using lures and spinner baits although during the peak of the tide you may catch up with a lot of weed doing this. Lure fishing here is best done on the last hours of the tide and in low light conditions such as late evening or early morning between late April and October. You may also choose to fish with ait and the best for this sport is peeler crab which can be found in the area at low tide. Fish a simple running ledger style rig with a 2/0 or 3/0 hook mounted with the peeler. For other species try Ragworm or harbour worms but be aware of the large amounts of crabs in the estuary which will be quick to strip your hooks of bait.

Getting there: Dennis Cove is also a very popular camp site and is well signposted from Padstow. You can either park In Padstow and walk or park closer around the campsite for a shorter walk but with more limited parking.

Local Tackle Shops: Padstow Angling centre, 1-3 S Quay, Padstow, PL28 8BL
Tel: 01841 532762