Where to fish in and around Exmouth

RNLI Lifeboat Station

The beach to the west of the station is mainly clean ground and you can pick up good numbers of bass and flounders most of the year round from here. To the East of the lifeboat station are some rocky ledges that run out to sea. Although tackle loss can be high here take note of the gulley’s and ridges during low tide and then fish large baits in these gullies during the flood tide at night for the chance of good sized bass. Be aware that during the summer months this is a very popular bit of beach and therefore fishing during the day can be impossible due to children and bathers.

Summer Species: Bass, flounders, eels, rays, mullet, wrasse and mackerel

Winter Species: Whiting, flounders and rare codling

Bait: Ragworm, lugworm, peeler crab and sandeel

Tactics: The clean side of the beach lends itself to two or three hooked rigs fish tight on the bottom at range. Worm baits and fish baits are standard and there is a good number of fish to be taken during the summer months on these tactics. Try mackerel and sandeel during the spring months at range for the chance of some good sized rays. When fishing over the rockier ground to the east be aware that tackle loss may be high so a rotten bottom style rig may be preferable. Float fishing is possible here with worm or fish as bait for mackerel, bass and wrasse. In the winter the main species to fish for are the flounders that occupy the sandy bottom. Small sized 2 or 4 hooks baited with lugworm seem to be the favoured method.

Getting there: Follow Queens Drive from the east or the west and you cannot miss the lifeboat station. Parking is available on the surrounding roads.

Local Tackle Shops: Exmouth Tackle & Sports, 20 Strand, Town Centre, Exmouth, EX8 1AF, Tel: 01395 274918