Where to fish in and around Weston-super-Mare


Breandown Fort & Reefs

Breandown fort is situated close to the large town of Weston Super Mare. It is along walk to access this particular mark and is a challenging location to fish. Despite the challenge of fishing the ledges, with the large tides and snaggy ground this can be a very rewarding location. You can fish the area all year round and expect good results from a number of species. This is not a location for bagging up, but could provide you with the fish of a lifetime.

Summer Species: Bass, rays, smoothhounds, congers, mackerel and pouting

Winter Species: Codling, whiting, pouting and congers

Bait: Ragworm, peeler crab, sandeel, lugworm mackerel and squid

Tactics: This is not a venue I would recommend for beginners and novices it is also not a place to try and fish if you struggle with accessibility. During the summer fish with large fish and crab baits in for the bass and rays that patrol the area. Pennell style rigs with 3/0 or larger hooks are advised. For most other species fish with size 1/0 hooks on dropper rigs fished in the gulley’s or at range with worm baits. Be warned that the ledges that run out from here will take a lot of tackle so come prepared. In the winter the main target is codling and large peeler and black lugworm baits seem to be the baits of choice. Make sure you have gear that can handle the powerful tides snaggy ground and potential large fish.

Getting there: Breandown Fort and reefs is close to the town of Weston Super Mare although expect a good length walk to fish from this mark.

Local Tackle Shops: Weston Angling Centre, 25A Locking Rd Tel: 01934 631140