Places to fish close to Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth Stone Jetty

This is a great fishing location that fishes well all year round with a great mixture of species possible. The stone jetty is a popular mark amongst locals particularly during the summer and with its east access and variety of fishing it is easy to see why. Do be aware that this is not the safest place to fish as there are no railings or protection from rogue waves and is probably somewhere that I would advise keeping younger anglers away from.

Summer Species: Bass, mackerel, dogfish, bream, wrasse, garfish, pollack and plaice

Winter Species: Codling, whiting, flounder, bull huss and pouting

Bait: Mackerel, sandeel, ragworm, lugworm, squid, peeler crab and bluey

Tactics: There are a number of species and tactics that work well from the jetty. In the summer try float fishing with either worm or mackerel strip for wrasse, bass, garfish and Pollack. For the dogfish and bream mackerel or bluey is the best bait fished on a multi hook rig fished at range either to the side of the jetty or off of the end. The winter months see sport slow down although the area is still popular with local matches. Small hooks and small worm baits will catch you whiting and flounders during these months with the chance of codling if the conditions are right.

Getting there: The stone jetty if a breakwater protecting the marina. Park close to the marina and walk to the jetty.

Local Tackle Shops: Aberystwyth Gun Shop & Fishing Tackle Shop, 3 Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, SY23 1NY, Tel: 01970 611200