Cardigan Bay

Fishing locations in Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

Aberdovey Estuary

Aberdovey is where I learnt to fish and for this reason holds a very special place in my favourite fishing locations. This incredible estuary as the Dovey river empties in to Cardigan Bay is one of the most beautiful fishing locations in the United Kingdom. There is an abundance of fishing locations along its shores to explore. Locations of note are the pier, roman road, estuary entrance and the top of the estuary towards Machynlleth. There is no boat fishing allowed in the estuary as it is a protected bass nursery area. The bass fishing on its day here can be incredible and with an abundance of bait available like peelers and lugworm this is the all-round venue.

Summer Species: Bass, mullet, flounders, eels, bream and mackerel

Winter Species: Flounder and eels

Bait: Ragworm, peeler crab, lugworm, mackerel and lures

Tactics: Most people of fish at Aberdovey are targeting the bass. The best places to target these are at the roman road or further up the estuary towards Machynlleth (just follow the coastal road). Best baits seem to be peeler crab fished on a flooding tide in low light conditions during the summer months on a long flowing trace. The entrance to the Estuary also produces a good bag of fish with mackerel, bream and flounder possible along with bass and mullet. Locally dug worms fished at low tide on flapper style rigs seem the way to go (do be aware of the tide flooding in behind you at speed here). The pier is a great place to take children as you are fishing over sandy ground and can expect schoolie bass and flounders most of the year round.

Getting there: Aberdovey is well signposted from the North and East and has a number of pay and display car parks. Try the one nearest the pier for best access to all the marks.

Local Tackle Shops: Barry’s Tackle Shop, 6 College Green, Tywyn, Gwynedd LL36 9BS, Tel: 01654 710357