Places to fish close to Conwy

Tan Penmaen Head

This is a famous location for producing specimen sized fish all year round. Off all of the north coast welsh marks this is the most likely spot to catch that fish of a lifetime. Big bass are caught during the summer months with congers and huss caught most of the year round to large mackerel baits. This beach was once renowned for its Tope fishing and is still one of the few beaches in the UK where you can expect large Tope to be caught from the beach.

Summer Species: Bass, congers, tope, bull huss, rays and mackerel

Winter Species: Codling, whiting, pouting and congers

Bait: Mackerel, peeler crab, sandeel, lugworm, squid and ragworm

Tactics: Strong hooks, line and rods are required to fish this beach as the ground can be quite snaggy and the fish tend to pull quite hard. For the larger species try large mackerel baits fished as far you can throw them on pulley style rigs with 4/0 or larger hooks. The winter also sees mackerel in the area and these can be caught for bait using feather s or spinners. In the winter cocktail baits can be used for the chance of a large Cod, or smaller worm baits for the whiting and pouting. The area can catch the weather quite badly so do check the forecast before heading to this mark.

Getting there: The straightforward route is to drive along Colwyn Bay Promenade (with the sea on your left) to the end. Park and walk along the footpath above the rocky shoreline. Fish are likely to appear anywhere, though the Head rock is probably the most popular spot.

Local Tackle Shops: Bay View Angling, 12 Greenfield Rd, Colwyn Bay, Tel: 01492 535888 or
Victoria Pier Angling, The Promenade, Colwyn Bay, Tel: 01492 530663.