New Quay

Places to fish close to New Quay

New Quay Breakwater

The breakwater at New Quay is a fantastic fishing location most months of the year. The breakwater can easily be fished by anglers of all abilities although during the summer months the area becomes increasingly crowded with tourists. The fishing can be great fun from the breakwater with mackerel, garfish and wrasse making up the main sport in the summer and whiting and flounders making up the sport during the winter months.

Summer Species: Mackerel, bass, wrasse, pollack, garfish, dogfish and bream

Winter Species: Whiting, pouting, flounder and codling

Bait: Mackerel, ragworm, lugworm, lures and sandeels

Tactics: During the summer months the best way to fish off of the breakwater is with a float fished to a stop knot so that the depth can be adjusted based on the state if tide and species you are fishing for. Head hooked ragworm will catch wrasse, pollack and other micro species whilst mackerel strip will catch garfish, bass and mackerel. You may also try fishing with small lures known as (LRF) for some of the micro species close to breakwater itself. In the winter fish worm or fish baits at range for the chance of codling, whiting and flounders.

Getting there: The small town of New Quay has a few pay and display car parks within easy walking distance of the breakwater.

Local Tackle Shops: Aeron Sports & Fishing Tackle, 2 Bridge St, Aberaeron, Tel: 01545 571209