Places to fish close to Prestatyn

Barkby Beach, Prestatyn

This popular beach close to the famous Butlins resort is not only used by the hordes of holiday makers in the summer but also amongst the shore anglers all year round. The beach has a lot of features including groynes and promenade to fish to and will throw up a good mixed bag of fish all year round. Make sure to have a good quality beach fishing set up when arriving here and be prepared for a longish walk to access he best areas of the beach.

Summer Species: Bass, flounder, dogfish, eels, mullet, rays and mackerel

Winter Species: Codling, whiting, pouting and flounders

Bait: Mackerel, ragworm, lugworm, peeler crab and sandeel

Tactics: This is a typical beach fishing location. Good quality beach fishing rods and reels are required to fish the area and a good cast puts you amongst the better stamp of fish. Changing your rigs are required for targeting different species with simple flapper style rigs working for most species and the larger rays and bass falling to Pennell or long flowing single hook rigs fished in the gutter at night close to the beach or a t range. During the winter months try worm baits fished at range during the flood at night, you should pick up whiting and flounders fishing this way.

Getting there: The beach is easily accessed from Prestatyn with ample pay and display car parking close to the beach.

Local Tackle Shops:  Geoff’s Tackle & Bait, 163 Wellington Rd, Rhyl, Tel: 01745 356236