South Wales

The south coast of Wales is one of the most beautiful parts of the British coastline. From the large cities of Swansea and Cardiff to the magnificence of the Gower Peninsula there really is enough to suit all. This stretch of coastline is also one of the best kept secrets of the fishing world. From the mighty River Severn estuary to the windswept beaches of Freshwater West or the small harbours such as Tenby, this coastline has it all.

Having lived in Cardiff for over three years I have long been obsessed with the diversity and challenge of fishing this magnificent coastline. This like anywhere in the UK is an area determined by seasons, weather and tide.

I have listed the six main areas to fish in this area and each area will have a number of individual destinations. So whether you want to catch Bass on plugs, or Cod in the Estuaries or even Congers from rock marks these locations will all be revealed to you the angler.

The six main areas are; River Seven, Barry and Cardiff, The Gower, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Glamorganshire