Where to fish in Pembrokeshire.

Amroth Beach








Amroth Beach is situated just to the East of Saundersfoot. The area is a great beach fishing location with easy access and a beach where anglers of all abilities can enjoy good sport. The fishing is done from the large shingle at the top of the beach on to relatively clean ground out in front of you. There are rocks to the extreme west of the beach and the usual micro species can be caught here as well, making it a great little spot to take younger children with a small spinning rod or something similar.

Summer Species: Bass, flounders, mackerel, garfish, sole, mullet and dogfish

Winter Species: Whiting, flounder, codling and rockling

Bait: Mackerel, ragworms, sandeel, peeler crabs and squid

Tactics: During the summer months fishing close in with worm or fish baits is a good tactic for targeting the bass, lures can also work in low light conditions. For the mackerel and garfish try float fishing sandeel strips or fishing them just off the bottom using floating beads or something similar. During the winter months the odd codling is caught as well as a lot of whiting. Use peeler crab and lugworm for the best results on a one up one down style rig. Standard beach fishing gear will suffice here as the ground is fairly clean along the whole beach.

Getting there: Amroth is just to the East of Saundersfoot and can be easily accessed from there. There is parking available very close to the beach and access to the beach can be obtained by using the local slipway.

Local Tackle Shops: Morris Bros, Troy House, St Julian St, Tenby, tel: 01834 844789 or Tenby Angling, The Market Hall, High St, Tenby, tel: 01834 844430


Saundersfoot Harbour

Saundersfoot Harbour








Saundersfoot Harbour is situated very close to Tenby itself. This harbour wall is fishable most of the year round although summer is the best time and be sure not to fish on a low tide as there will be very little water around the wall. This area is perfect for anglers of all abilities and is a typical pier/harbour wall location with the usual small species. With easy access and fun sport this is a  great spot for children and anglers who have limited access.

Summer Species: Mullet, smoothhounds, bass, flounders, gurnard, mackerel, garfish and dogfish

Winter Species: Whiting, codling and flounders

Bait: Ragworms, sandeels, mackerel and squid

Tactics: For the smaller species and for the mackerel and garfish you cannot beat float fishing with either ragworms or mackerel strips. Ledgered worm will pick up most of the species during the summer with more of an emphasis going on the tide states and time of day with the better fish showing later on. For the mullet float fished bread works as well as anything. During the winter months scratching rigs with worm or fish baits will work for flatties and whiting.

Getting there: The harbour is just north of Tenby and cannot be missed. Parking is available very close to the harbour wall.

Local Tackle Shops:  Morris Bros, Troy House, St Julian St, Tenby, tel: 01834 844789 or Tenby Angling, The Market Hall, High St, Tenby, tel: 01834 844430